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UX Review


Discovery is the process of gathering information about the project - website design and development needs, expectations, goals, scope, copy, images, and more.

Kickoff meetings are for everyone involved to review a detailed summary of the project, the timeline and scope, roles and responsibilities, and meeting schedule.

There will certainly be questions and requests for review along the way, but the design and development phase is the time when you can relax because the bulk of the work isn't in your hands!

User experience (UX) review is a crucial step in making sure a website is ready for launch. With full access to the website, you'll be able to review everything before it goes live.

Launch is what you've been waiting for! All the hard work put into the project concludes with your brand new website being ready to share with your audience.

Plus, a post-launch website management training is included with every package.

Membership makes it even easier.

Forget expensive retainers with a limited number of hours. A membership of $49/month gives you access to a reduced hourly rate for website design and development AND a guaranteed 48-hour turn-around on the work you need done.

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Both packages include web design and development, basic SEO, and post-launch website management training.


starting at $2,000


starting at $1,000

Number of main pages needed



90 days


Content migration
from current site

Page layout

all copy and photos



Number of revisions



30 days

Annual hosting fee of $144 + client responsible for purchasing domain.

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What can I do to stay within my budget?

Easy question! Every project is different, so a conversation about the specifics regarding strategy, needs, goals, and total budget will make it easy to provide a super accurate quote.

How long does it take to launch my website?

It depends on a lot of things! Are your assets and content ready? Is there a strategy set in place? What's your availability like? How many pages are needed for your new website? All of these details will be figured out during discovery, and a solid, agreed-upon plan will be confirmed at kickoff.

What if I need new photos? A copywriter? Marketing assistance?

There's a team of people ready to help! Photography, videography, logo design, graphic design, copywriting, and other marketing services can be easily added to your package.

What if I want to make updates to my website after the project is complete?

You have two options!

1) Since a post-launch website management training session is included with every package, you'll know exactly how to update copy, photos, add new blog posts, and more!

2) If you don't want to make updates on your own, regardless of how minimal or large-scale they may be, membership is the option for you. No expensive retainers with a limited number of hours - a membership of $49/month gives you access to a reduced hourly rate for website design and development, plus a guaranteed 48-hour turn-around on the work you need done.

Why do I use Webflow - not WordPress, Wix, Squarespace, or Weebly?

Great question! And the answer is simple. With other platforms, you have two options: 1) design a super custom website by hiring a developer to code 100% of it, or 2) use a template that restricts capabilities and features. Now of course you can edit those templates to be much more custom...but only with advanced coding.

Webflow is right in the middle - doesn't require templates (although they are available) and doesn't require complex coding. Which means my clients' websites match their exact design specifications - without having to add the cost of hiring a backend developer to the estimate.

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About Autumn

Autumn Theodore has over 15 years of marketing and photography experience. She's been designing websites since GeoCities and Angelfire were a big deal... ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
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She specializes in custom portfolio, blog, and ecommerce websites and is particularly known for her streamlined, highly efficient process that allows clients to focus on what they do best.